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UC&C Summit 2024

This year’s virtual UC&C Summit by Wildix is over!

But you can still be a part of the Wildix Blue Ecosystem:
Click the link below to become a partner!

At the 2024 UC&C Summit, we talked about a number of hugely important topics to MSPs, focusing on the upcoming year and what it means for those in unified communications:
Ultimately, the threat of globalization, vendors moving to direct sales and reduced partner programs are not going to go away — and there are too many competitors already. By moving to a 100% channel-only solution, you bolster your business, keep your margins protected and work with the only European vendor in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.
Use x-bees and x-hoppers as your chosen vertical solutions, building interest in sales and retail to capture bigger and more profitable deals. And emphasize value — the value your customers get from working with you and Wildix.
Ultimately, our purpose is clear: 

To be the 100 percent channel-only vendor you can trust:

That way lies growth for you and for us.

UC&C Summit Selfie Challenge!

Our selfie challenge has long been a major part of our summit, and this year, our partners excelled.

Here’s a selection of our favorite entries.

It’s also your only opportunity to hear more from these speakers all in one place!

Theresa Caragol
Theresa Caragol
Keynote Speaker, Author, Educator, Advisor, Founder: Forging authentic connections & powerful partnerships
Theresa Caragol graduated from Virginia Tech and then got her MBA from the Lubar College of Business and her EML from the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business. During this time, she worked as a sales rep and quickly moved to senior management with companies such as Nortel, Ciena and Extreme Networks.

Now Theresa runs her own company, Achieve Unite, which helps companies deliver go-to-market strategies, including scaling, developing business, creating marketing tools and promoting sustainable partner programs. She regularly speaks on how healthy channel ecosystems are vital for delivering value to end-users and vendors alike.
Giovanni Crispino
Senior Vice President, Sales S-EMEA SMB SALESFORCE
Mitch Friedman
Mitch Friedman
Managing Partner

From Wildix, we have:

Steve Osler - CEO at Wildix (headshot)
Steve Osler
at Wildix
Dimitri Osler - CTO at Wildix (headshot)
Dimitri Osler
at Wildix
Elena Kornilova - Product Marketing Manager
Elena Kornilova
Product Marketing Manager
at Wildix
Emiliano Tomasoni - SMO at Wildix (headshot)
Emiliano Tomasoni
at Wildix
Alberto Carlos Benigno - Chief (headshot)
Alberto Carlos Benigno
Chief Sales Officer at Wildix
Vasiliy Ganchev
Product Manager
at Wildix
Victor Shchenkh
VP of Product
at Wildix
Denis Popov - Product Manager at Wildix (headshot)
Denis Popov
Product Manager
at Wildix
Graham Dixon
Graham Dixon
UK Technical
Support Manager
Ian Rowan
Ian Rowan
Senior Channel

Not Yet a Wildix Partner?

The summit is your opportunity to learn more about and join the Blue Ecosystem of dedicated MSPs who want to create growth and build systems that deliver value.

Here are some of the benefits our partners have experienced thanks to Wildix.
"In 2023, we’ve had a 77% increase in hardware as a service alone, resulting in a great source of stable recurrent revenue. And over the past 12 months, we’ve had a 49% increase in Wildix licencing and 100% growth year on year.”
L-R - Rob Lowe, Graham Dixon, Ryan Birch of LOQEX, Ian Rowan
Ryan Birch,
Director, LOQEX
"Wildix goes deep into the business, into the sales processes, and that's a huge added value because it's not just a telephony solution. It's a total solution."
Meriton Dzambazi
Meriton Dzambazi,
Managing Director, fourNET informatik ag
"The Wildix solution has allowed us to carry out many more projects and solutions than what was possible with other unified communications solutions that we previously proposed. Wildix is ​​flexible, modular and makes communication and collaboration between people much easier and more immediate.”
Francesco Elia
Francesco Elia,
Administrator, Willo Srl

About Wildix

Since 2005, Wildix has been helping companies with 50 to 1000 users grow their businesses through the first sales-oriented UC&C solution, web-based VoIP PBX UC&C system. Wildix is 100% channel-focused and consists of hundreds of SIs and MSPs all over the world. The first 100% secure, easy-to-use, professional web-based UC&C system.
More Sales
More Sales Via Web 52%
More Efficiency (Saved Time In Daily Operations)
Saved 25%
Security With No Further Applications 100%
in WebRTC
1 st
offices worldwide
annual growth rate
+ 1 %
all over the World
new Wildix users
over the last month
+ 1 %

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