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UC&C Summit 2021

the virtual place

where UC&C specialists go

to increase sales and profits

Go from an average IT provider to a successful MSP and generate revenue like clockwork

January 18, 2021


Online event

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2020 has been grueling for the entire world.

It’s created the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

The world AFTER Covid-19 will be different from the one we were used to before. Already, we’ve arrived at a new normal, because businesses around the world understand the importance of technology as a means of continuing their operations even in the more dire conditions.

People will embrace this “new normal” with new technology, and you, as a professional, MUST be able to provide them with the best tools to improve their businesses.

In other words:

You can leverage your business by

Locking in
your customers

for predictable and stable profits

Being the one who provides
them with powerful tools through the As-a-Service sales model for more efficient operation

The WIN-WIN deal for you and your customers

To do all this and stand out as a leader during this crisis, you need the right strategy and the right Partnership. You’ll find this joining the virtual UC&C SUMMIT 2021.

The first virtual UC&C SUMMIT

is your only chance to:

Get your special offer

to lock in your revenue for 2021


the latest releases from Wildix​

Get the products

that safeguard you against short-term changes in the market

UC&C Summit Speakers

Julie Thomas - UCC Summit 2021 Speaker headshot

Julie Thomas

CEO at ValueSelling Associates Inc

Dominic Black

Director of Research at the Cavell Group

Raphaël Croteau - UCC Summit 2021 Speaker headshot

Raphaël Croteau

Regional Vice President at Salesforce

Steve Osler - CEO at Wildix (headshot)

Steve Osler

at Wildix

Dimitri Osler - CTO at Wildix (headshot)

Dimitri Osler

at Wildix

Emiliano Tomasoni - SMO at Wildix (headshot)

Emiliano Tomasoni

at Wildix

Alberto Carlos Benigno - Chief (headshot)

Alberto Carlos Benigno

Chief Sales Officer at Wildix

Elena Kornilova

Tech Documentation
Manager at Wildix

Dimitri Timchenko - Product Manager at Wildix (headshot)

Dimitri Timchenko

Product Manager
at Wildix

Victor Shchenkh

Product Manager
at Wildix

Are you not a Wildix Partner yet?

You can become a Managed Success Provider and start growing your business. The Summit is your opportunity to join the Wildix ecosystem.

Attend a dedicated webinar to discover your chance to expand your business.

There’s one big reason

why you cannot miss the UC&C Summit:


Register NOW to learn how to become the authority your customers need in the market of today and the future.

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    About Wildix

    Since 2005, Wildix has been helping companies with 50 to 1000 users grow their businesses through the first sales-oriented UC&C solution, web-based VoIP PBX UC&C system. Wildix is 100% channel-focused and consists of hundreds of SIs and MSPs all over the world. The first 100% secure, easy-to-use, professional web-based UC&C system.

    More Sales
    More Sales Via Web 52%
    More Efficiency (Saved Time In Daily Operations)
    Plus 25%
    Security With No Further Applications 100%
    1 st
    in WebRTC
    offices worldwide
    + 1 %
    annual growth rate
    countries all over the World
    > 1
    Wildix active users
    (March 2021)