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2024 Mid-Year UC&C Summit: Reloaded



Join the virtual 2024 Mid-Year UC&C Summit: Reloaded to deliver meaningful change to your customers!

16:00 ET / 15:00 BST / 10:00 EST

Unified communications shouldn’t be a loss leader. Then why is it treated as such for so many? Instead of eating the cost, build your business with profitable VoIP systems that build your business and generate revenue you can rely on.

Wildix offers a unique opportunity for savvy MSPs to take advantage of a global solution, incredible integrations and the power of AI! We’re the 100 percent channel-only vendor that you can trust to remain ahead of the latest technologies and stay secure.

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At the virtual Mid-Year UC&C Summit: Reloaded, you’ll discover:
At Wildix, we know the VoIP and UCaaS markets have changed dramatically over the past few years. With Wildix solutions, you’ll discover how you can leverage vertical solutions and explore a wider world of possibilities!
"The Wildix solution has allowed us to carry out many more projects and solutions than what was possible with other unified communications solutions that we previously proposed. Wildix is ​​flexible, modular and makes communication and collaboration between people much easier and more immediate.”
Francesco Elia
Francesco Elia,
Administrator, Willo Srl
"Wildix goes deep into the business, into the sales processes, and that's a huge added value because it's not just a telephony solution. It's a total solution."

Meriton Dzambazi
Meriton Dzambazi,
Managing Director, fourNET informatik ag
"In 2023, we’ve had a 77% increase in hardware as a service alone, resulting in a great source of stable recurrent revenue. And over the past 12 months, we’ve had a 49% increase in Wildix licencing and 100% growth year on year.”

L-R - Rob Lowe, Graham Dixon, Ryan Birch of LOQEX, Ian Rowan
Ryan Birch,
Director, LOQEX

About Wildix

Since 2005, Wildix has been helping companies with 50 to 1000 users grow their businesses through the first sales-oriented UC&C solution, web-based VoIP PBX UC&C system. Wildix is 100% channel-focused and consists of hundreds of SIs and MSPs all over the world. The first 100% secure, easy-to-use, professional web-based UC&C system.
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