UCC Summit 2019

World Trade Center Barcelona
February, 18-19 2019

Sponsored by Wildix

The place where UC&C specialists go to increase sales and profits
in the ever-changing UC&C market

“Go from average IT provider to successful MSP generating revenue like clockwork

New Unified Communications solutions in the Cloud are forever changing the way technology is purchased.

Customers want to pay to use UC&C, not to own it.

If you are a system integrator, you can no longer count on your customers’ budgets to achieve your revenue goals.

You need to change your business model.

From selling on-premise systems that used to provide the cash flow needed to keep your business breathing, you now have to move on to selling UC&C as-a-service with small recurring fees.

But what is the strategy to move from a one-shot sale, to a sale of recurring services, without the risk of finding yourself without cash to pay salaries?

You can find the answer to this question at the UC&C Summit in Barcelona, 18-19 February 2019.

The UC&C Summit is an event exclusively aimed at system integrators and IT companies selling Unified Communications & Collaborations systems.

A series of custom-designed system integrator panels will show you how to implement the successful Managed Service Provider model in your company, imported directly from the United States.

All UC&C Summit panels are practical sessions, with one goal: Transform yourself from a system integrator who spends every day frantically seeking new sales, to a Managed Service Provider generating recurring revenues with UC&C As a Service who, by January, will have all the fixed costs already paid

3 reasons why the UC&C Summit is different from all the other UC&C events that don’t help you in making more money – or worse, waste your company’s time.



  • Peter Hale
    Peter Hale MZA Consultants

    Peter Hale has led MZA’s research and analysis portfolio in the area of business communications as Principal Analyst and Programme Manager for more than 15 years.

    Peter has had a specific focus over the past 5 years on the evolution to cloud based business communications solutions, the state of progression from premises based to cloud based solutions and how this varies by region and country.


  • Jim Roche
    Jim Roche ValueSelling Associates

    With more than 30 years of success in senior management and executive sales positions with established companies as well as start-ups, Jim has successfully navigated the complexities of nearly every type of sales challenge.

    ValueSelling Associates is the creator of the ValueSelling Framework®, the sales methodology preferred by sales executives around the globe.


  • Steve Osler
    Steve Osler Wildix CEO
  • Dimitri Osler
    Dimitri Osler Wildix CTO
  • Cristiano Bellumat
    Cristiano Bellumat Head of Channel Sales Strategy
  • Gilles Guiral
    Gilles Guiral Country manager Wildix France
  • Emiliano Tomasoni
    Emiliano Tomasoni Wildix CMO
  • Kirsten Mesch
    Kirsten Mesch Wildix Marketing Manager USA


February 18, 2019

Time Session
8:30 AM Registration
10:00 AM Is there a future for System Integrators? The Wildix Way – Steve Osler
11:00 AM Break
11:30 AM The WebRTC news of the 2019 – Dimitri Osler, Vasiliy Ganchev 
1:00 AM Lunch
2:30 PM A new business model for the “new” world – Peter Hale, Cristiano Bellumat
3:30 PM Break
4:00 PM Everyone is a vendor! You just don’t know yet – Cristiano Bellumat, Jim Roche, Gilles Guiral
5:00 PM Aperitif
8:00 PM Dinner

February 19, 2019

Time Breakout 1 Breakout 2 Breakout 3
9:30 AM Choose your session!
10:00 AM BRAXTEL: Business Transformation. All from concept to reality Samsung – Valore BF: Why you should have a professional display, not just a TV The Art of ValueSelling – Jim Roche
10:45 AM Break and choose your session!
11:00 AM Legrand: Infrastructure for IT and AV application ZOHO: Recipe for MSP Success in 2019 : CRM + HelpDesk + UCC How to deliver value to your customers  –Vasya Ganchev, Graham Dixon
11:45 AM Coffee Break
12:15 PM Referral Campaign to win the customer – Emiliano Tomasoni,  Kirsten Mesch New Products Insight – Vasya Ganchev Focus: the most profitable strategy for a successful transition to MSP business model in 2019 – Cristiano Bellumat
1:00 PM Lunch
2:30 PM Samsung – Valore BF: Samsung Flip, the “wow effect” Braxtel: Contact Center. Selling Return On Investment How to deliver value to your customers -Vasya Ganchev, Graham Dixon
3:15 PM Break and choose your session
3:30 PM ZOHO: Effective Selling with Telephony Systems Integration Legrand: Infrastructure for IT and AV application (R) The art of ValueSelling – Jim Roche
4:15 PM Coffee Break
4:45 PM Final Good Bye!


Here’s a glimpse of the game-changing strategies & techniques you’ll discover at the UC&C Summit 2019


3 reasons why the UC&C Summit is different from all the other UC&C events that don’t help you in making more money – or worse, waste your company’s time

  1. UC&C Summit is NOT a chaotic industry trade show. It’s the only system integrator event that tells you how to increase sales of Unified Communications & Collaborations as a Service. You won’t find a similar event across Europe, so full of strategies already adapted for your industry and ready to use.
  2. UC&C Summit is NOT a product course for technicians only. It’s an event focused on effective company management, where you’ll find out how to speed up the sales process technical installation. You will be able to increase customer satisfaction, but above all, you will be able to earn revenue in less time.
  3. UC&C Summit is NOT an entertainment event that wastes employees’ time and burns the company cash register of the entrepreneur who financed the trip.

Here’s a glimpse of the game-changing strategies & techniques
you’ll discover at the
UC&C Summit 2019

Sell more and at a higher price with the Value Selling method:

The secrets of the IT giants to make your offers truly irresistible; conclude negotiations in less than 45 days and at a higher price than your competitors.

During the UC&C Summit you will have access to sessions of sales techniques held by Value Selling specialists.

Value Selling is the world’s best sales school for the IT industry – it is no coincidence that it is used by giants such as Google, NCR, VMWare and more.

Finally, you will have a sequence to follow step-by-step during the negotiation. This practical method will allow you to create in the customer, the urgency to buy your Unified Communications system.

Thanks to Value Selling, you’ll see your closing rates soar, with negotiation times of less than 45 days, even if you sell at a higher price than your competitors.


Earn 30 days in advance thanks to the Kanban Method.

Turbo-charge your installations to get the customer to charge you first.

Once you’ve finished the sale, the problems begin. No one in the company knows what to do, and the installation can last for weeks, or even months.

The more time passes before the installation is complete, the more the customer will complain about your service. And the more time it takes before they pay you.

Is there a way to increase the efficiency with which the company manages the entire installation process, involving all teams?  

The answer is yes. At the UC&C Summit 2019 you will discover the Kanban method for UC&C.

The Kanban method is already successfully used in the IT industry, and at UC&C Summit 2019 you will have a real operational map to apply it to your daily operations.

You can cut installation times in half, have satisfied customers and collect payments at least 30 days in advance.


Anticipate market trends and burn competition over time.

The world’s leading analysts reveal trends that are changing the way you sell UC&Cs and how you can use them to beat your competitors with a 2-year lead.

The UC&C market is changing rapidly.

What’s next for the industry? What will customers ask you over the next 2 years?

Thanks to specialists from Gartner, the leading IT consulting firm, at UC&C Summit you will discover the latest market trends.

You will have access to the forecasts of the most authoritative experts in the world at least 2 years in advance, studying strategies to burn all your competitors over time.

Are you a Wildix Partner?
Here are 2 reasons why you can’t miss the UC&C Summit 2019…

Are you a Wildix Partner?

Here are 2 reasons why you should not miss the event:

  1. The best offers ever available for you from the exhibitors
    Inside the World Trade Center, you will find a Marketplace with the best offers from exhibitors present at the event.You will be able to take advantage of unique offers on the latest technological innovations that can be integrated into Wildix UC&Cs.
    These offers will only be available during the event and will never be repeated.
  2. Raise the value of your engagement program and enjoy higher discounts
    UC&C Summit will be the only time you can sign the planned agreement and take advantage of the biggest discounts on all Wildix products.


World Trade Center Barcelona

Moll de Barcelona s/n, East building,
1st Floor, 08039, Barcelona.


GPS Coordinates:
41º 22′ 17” N / N 41.371388
2º 10′ 54” E/ E 2.1816666



Hotel SERHS del Port 3*

If you’re coming in your own car:

  • From the airport (Llobregat), take the Ronda Litoral and exit at Salida 21 (15 minutes).
  • From the Besós, take the Ronda Litoral and exit at Salida 21.
  • From Barcelona’s high area, Estació de Sants or Fira Barcelona, you can reach WTCB on Avda. Paral·lel (10 minutes)
  • From the city centre, drive along Vía Layetana, then turn into Moll de la Fusta until you reach Plaça del Carbó, which is opposite the complex (10 minutes).

On reaching WTCB, you can park at the WTCB car park.

If you prefer taking public transport:

  • Bus: V11, 91, D20, H14, V13, N0, N6.
  • Metro Drassanes (L3) and Paral·lel (L3 y L2).
  • There’s a bicing station located at the entrance to the complex.
  • There’s a taxi stop at the entrance to the complex.

Upcoming Event

Wildix US Convention 2019

Last year, the Wildix Convention was held in Venice on January 12, in the prestigious setting of the Hilton Molino Stucky Hotel in Venice, bringing together the best PARTNERS from all over the world: Europe, the United States and the East.

This year, we’re very excited to be bringing the Wildix Convention to the United States for the very first time – and what a better setting than the historic Mayflower Hotel in downtown Washington, DC, our nations capital.

Walking distance from the White House, there is so much to do and see, and we can’t wait to see all of you there!

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